Lane Baldwin in his Manly KitchenHi, there! Welcome to Manly Kitchen. I’m glad to meet you.

I’m Lane Baldwin – a professional musician, songwriter, singer, servant-leader, and amateur cook. Cooking is easier than you think. If I can do it, so can you! And I’ll show you how.

Since I was a young boy, I have loved to cook. More importantly, I love to eat! As a child, I was always experimenting – looking for new ways to play with leftovers. Later, however, as a young man, I was “pushed” out of the kitchen by my first wife. I guess she didn’t want the competition. It was many years (and several relationships) later that I renewed my love of the kitchen and began to craft new recipes again. Now in my 50s, I cook as much as I can when not on the road. (While I’m on the road, I’ll tell you about the good food I find.)

While I call this site Manly Kitchen, it’s really for anyone who wants to learn to cook. Sex doesn’t matter; age doesn’t matter. All you need is a desire to learn how to do more in the kitchen, and the courage to make the effort. Look, I’m not a trained chef. I don’t have my own TV show (yet!), a string of restaurants, or a line of pots and pans to my name. Maybe that will come later, but for now, I’m just a man who loves to play with his food.

Here’s the thing: If I can make these recipes well enough to get tons of compliments and requests for seconds, thirds – even fourths! – you can too! Most of the recipes are fairly simple and easy to prepare. And even if they’re a little more difficult, I walk you through every step, often with an accompanying video. There are also pages to help you learn about spices, herbs and other ingredients, as well as help you outfit your kitchen with the equipment you’ll need to get the job done.

My recipes are fine-tuned the old fashioned way – by trial and error (thankfully, not too many of those.) They are tested the old-fashioned way, too – by putting them in front of people and seeing if they will eat them. And eat them, they do – again, and again and again. I’m proud that some folks now refuse to eat meatloaf unless I make it. I’m prouder still that my chili recipes are becoming famous. But you can have the same success I do. All you have to do is follow the recipes and be patient with yourself.

About the Web Site

This site was designed and built on a WordPress platform using the Arras theme, which we continue to modify to suit our needs. Videos are shot with a Sony HDR-CX160 camera, and edited in Sony Vegas Studio. Photos are often screen caps from the videos, or taken with my phone.

Watch the Videos

You can visit the Manly Kitchen You Tube channel if you want to watch a bunch of videos. Each recipe video description includes a link to full recipe back here.

About the Rest of My Life

If you want to know more about other parts of my complex and busy life, check out these web sites:

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So, enough about me. Let’s go have some fun in the kitchen. If you have any questions or comments that are not specific to any post, feel free to send me an email.

And remember, this is supposed to be fun and relaxing. At all times you should

Play with your food!


About the Author

Lane Lane Baldwin is a an internationally-acclaimed singer, songwriter, author and food lover. He wasn't trained in France, and he doesn't have his own TV show. He just loves to cook, and loves sharing what he's learned over the years. In his "real life," Lane has toured the world, bringing his special brand of Blues-infused Americana to millions of fans. At home he leads a quiet life filled with good books, good food and good friends.