Salad in a Glass

Salad in a GlassIt’s always been hard for me to make sure I get enough vegetables in my diet. So when I discovered juicing, I was very interested. Since then, I’ve found that when I drink a glass or two of veggie juice every day, I feel better. Unfortunately, sometimes being on the road has made that difficult.

Now that I’m off the road, and I’m preparing to quit smoking, I’ve gotten myself back in the habit again. In the video below, I show you my favorite juice drink: Salad in a Glass. (For those new to juicing, I also take a minute to show you the parts of the juicer.) Instructions after the video.


1/4 tsp garlic (optional)
small pinch cayenne pepper (optional)

The Steps:

Put garlic and pepper (if you’re using them) into the bottom of the glass. Place glass under juicer spout. Turn on the juicer and let it rev up to speed.

Put a handful of spinach into the feeder tube, followed by a piece of cucumber. Insert the plunger and push down until everything has been juiced.

Remove plunger and continue to add veggies a few at a time until done.

I always do my apple and cucumber first, then finish with the carrots. Normally, it will take 5-7 carrots (depending on size) to fill the glass.

As soon as you have finished juicing, break down the machine and rinse all parts. Make sure no debris is left sticking to things, especially the blade. You can see in the video that it doesn’t take long to do this. But it’s important to do it right away so that your blade stays in top shape.

There are literally hundreds of juicing recipes out on the Internet. If you want to live a healthier life, I recommend you try out several that seem to be of the most benefit for you.

Enjoy your salad! (smile) And play with your food!


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