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My meal at Five GuysOn this one, I’ve got to admit: I’m late! I had heard about Five Guys a few years ago, but for some reason I never tried them. That changed last night, and I’ve got a new favorite burger joint. Here’s the deal: When I travel to San Jose to work on my upcoming CD with producer/close friend Polo Jones, we almost always grab something to eat. Yesterday, Polo introduced me to Five Guys. And boy, oh boy, did I enjoy it!

I had the regular – by which they mean double – burger with bacon. For those that don’t know, the only things you pay extra for are cheese and bacon; the rest of the toppings are free. And there are a LOT of toppings from which to choose. I had A-1 sauce, grilled onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. YUM! I repeat: YUM!! Then, of course, I had fries, then topped it off with Sweet Tea. While waiting for the order, we enjoyed some FREE peanuts. That amazed me… that a burger joint would offer FREE peanuts. (Did I mention they were FREE?) The burgers were up very quickly, even though they were made to order. I mean, fast-food quick. Grabbing the bag, I headed for the table.

Fries by Quincy JonesI was really surprised to see a ton of fries in the bag. Polo explained that after they put your cup of fries in the bag, they then toss an extra scoop of fries in there just for fun. That’s so much cooler than fast-food places, where you’re lucky if they even fill the container. We divided our order and dug in. I was totally impressed. The burger was juicy and very tasty. The toppings were perfectly portioned and didn’t get in the way of the beefy taste. Man, oh man! What a great meal!

As we were leaving, I noticed something else I thought was really cool – the sign that tells you where the potatoes came from. I mean, really. Where else can you discover exactly where they got their ingredients? Music lovers may get the joke, too. Polo and I both had a chuckle over this one.

From top to bottom, I really enjoyed Five Guys. I’m definitely going back. In fact, I’ve already checked their web site to find locations near my home. If you haven’t been there, find one near you and visit as soon as you can. If you’ve already been, leave me a comment to tell me how you get your burgers.

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