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Manly Kitchen LEO ScrambleI love New York! It’s a lot like Dallas – always lots to do – but without the cowboy hat. There are so many wonderful food ideas in that area, and they come from dozens of different cultures. Within just a couple of blocks, you can eat fantastic New York pizza, Authentic gyros, hotter than the sun Thai food, Ethiopian, French, Italian and of course, a fantastic pastrami sandwich from a Jewish deli.

I’m not Jewish, but there are some Jewish recipes I absolutely love! And this is one of them. It’s one of my favorite brunch ideas. Now, I could tell you a story about all the Jewish families in Livingston, New Jersey, lining up for the bagel shops downtown on Sunday morning. And how the lines all sort of turn into a single queue, yet everyone knows which shop they’re going to. I could tell you about sampling the fare at each one and choosing my favorite. Or I could tell you about the wonderful Jewish grandmother who jokingly encouraged me to make the switch so I could marry her grand-daughter, saying “it’s never too late.”

But you know, this evening I’d rather just show you how to make this one. The LEO stands for Lox, Eggs and Onions. YUM! But I’m also going to hip you to some excellent optional additions to make it your own.

Manly Kitchen LEO ScrambleIngredients:

8 large eggs
1/4 cup half and half
1 tablespoon fresh dill
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 medium white onion
1/3 cup sliced green onions
4 ounces smoked salmon
1/4 teaspoon black pepper


2-3 ounces cream cheese
Red bell peppers


Get eggs out of fridge and let them come to room temperature as you prepare everything else.

Slice green onions and set aside.

Roughly chop onion and set aside.

Slice bell peppers into 1″ pieces, and mushrooms, if using.

Cut cream cheese into 4 to 5 pieces per ounce used.

Cut salmon into 1/2″ pieces.

Manly Kitchen LEO ScrambleChop dill and measure out.

Put bread in toaster so it’s ready to go.

Crack eggs into a large bowl and beat to death with a whisk until blended.

Add half and half to eggs and beat again until foamy.

Add dill and beat one last time.

Heat a medium or large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add oil to pan and heat until it shimmers. When oil is ready, swirl pan to coat bottom and about half the sides.

Sauté onions (and bell peppers and/or mushrooms, if using) until onions are just starting to turn transparent.

Add green onions and sauté about 2 minutes more or until everything is tender and happy.

Give egg mixture a final beating, then add  to pan. Cook without stirring until mixture sets on bottom. Draw a spatula across bottom of pan to form curds. Let uncooked eggs run onto bottom of pan and continue to scrape pan, waiting a bit between scrapes so that bottom has a chance to cook a bit.

Pop the levers on the toaster and get your toast or bagels going.

Manly Kitchen LEO ScrambleWhen eggs are about done, add salmon and cream cheese (if using). Continue drawing spatula across bottom of pan until egg mixture is slightly thick but still moist; do not stir as that will start to tear the scrambled eggs into more pieces than you want.

When the eggs are set soft to medium (please don’t do them hard for this recipe; they’ll be cooked enough, I promise), remove pan from heat.

Sprinkle egg mixture with pepper and serve to plates. Sprinkle more dill over each plate and serve immediately.


You can do a lighter version by substituting egg whites for some of the eggs, milk for half and half, and reduced fat cream cheese for regular. I don’t do any of this, but please feel free to do so.

A great side for this – especially if it’s for brunch – are nice thick slices of tomatoes.

If you’re not into pumpernickel or rye bread, you can always substitute bagels and still be all New York about it.

This Sunday, why not try this New York state of mind and tell me if you don’t feel like a Big Apple yourself. And don’t forget to…

Play with your food!


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