Asian Chili Lime Shrimp

Asian Chili Lime ShrimpYou might well be looking at the title and wondering if I’ve lost my mind. I mean, chili is Mexican, right? Well, yes and no. Asia has hot peppers, too. And if you’ve ever had Thai food “Thai Hot,” you know you can melt your lips right off your face with Asian food.

Frequent visitors know of my love for chili, and for most things spicy. You probably also know I love shrimp. So this recipe is really a no-brainer for me. It’s also very easy to prepare and requires very little time. That makes it perfect for a busy night.

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Shrimp – approximately 1/4 – 1/2 pound per serving
Sriracha chili sauce
Garlic powder
Olive oil


For one pound of shrimp, pour one cup Sriracha chili sauce into large zip lock bag.

Add 1/2 cup lime juice, 1/4-1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon dried cilantro, and a healthy pinch of salt.

Close bag and shake to combine ingredients. Add shrimp and shake again to coat all shrimp.

Marinate shrimp for a minimum of fifteen minutes and up to several hours (refrigerated).

Heat large skillet over medium heat. Add oil and heat until it shimmers.

While pan is heating, open the zip lock bag about two inches. Turn bag upside down over sink and squeeze most of the marinade out of bag.

When oil is hot, add shrimp and remaining marinade to skillet. By the way, if your skillet isn’t big enough to let all the shrimp lie flat with no overlap, do the shrimp in batches.

Cook shrimp about 2 minutes, until pink and opaque. Turn shrimp and cook 2 minutes longer, or until pink and done all the way through.

DO NOT OVERCOOK YOUR SHRIMP!! If you do, they will be tough and you won’t like that. Keep an eye on them and get them out of the skillet as soon as they’re done.

When done, remove shrimp and set aside in covered bowl to keep them warm while finishing final preparations.

When I did the video of this recipe I made rice noodles as a side (under) dish. Just before serving, I had to drain the noodles then jazz them up with a bit of chili infused oil. This took about three minutes, so it made sense to do it just before serving, so the noodles would be hot and wouldn’t all be stuck together into one big noodle ball.

You could also serve this with rice or with steamed veggies. It’s really up to you, but you’ve got to try this!

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