Nacho Pizza

Nacho PizzaLoving to cook doesn’t mean that you always have to create some exotic, complex recipe. For me, it’s often just as much fun to do something quick and easy. And that’s a good thing, especially when it comes to busy days.

For instance, this past week, I spent many hours editing a music video for Ryan Pelton. It was a great project, and I had a lot of fun learning a ton of new stuff about the video editing program I use. However, it didn’t leave a lot of time for other things. I do remember breathing occasionally and making numerous pots of coffee. Other than that, however, it’s all a blur.

In dire need of sustenance, yet with little time to assign to the task of cooking, I decided to make one of my “fall back” meals – a quick pizza, made with a prepared crust. Sure, I’ll do my own crust when I have time. But for days when time is short, taking short cuts is not only allowed, but required!

Check out the video below, then take a look at the notes.


1 pre-cooked pizza crust (thin)
1 jar pizza sauce
olive oil
garlic powder
lots of cheese
pinch of parsley for decoration


Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

Brush top of pizza crust with olive oil.

Sprinkle crust (lightly) with garlic powder (NOT garlic salt!).

Spoon sauce onto crust. For a spicier sauce, add hot sauce, cayenne (red) pepper or red pepper flakes.

Add cheese – lots of cheese.

Add toppings. For this pizza, I used leftover spicy fajita chicken, onions and hot banana peppers.

Sprinkle a tad more cheese on top of toppings… just for looks.

Bake 8-12 minutes, depending on how crispy you want the crust to be.

Remove from oven and place on cutting board.

Sprinkle just a bit more cheese on top, again, just for looks.

Finish with a sprinkle of chopped parsley.

Cut into wedges or squares and serve immediately.

As I mentioned in the video, you can use any toppings you like. When I use Mexican style ingredients, I call it a Nacho Pizza. I’ll show you other topping combos in future videos. For now, try this one out, then let me know your thoughts in the comments stream. Until next time,

Play with your food!


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