Green Chile Cream

Manly Kitchen Green Chili CreamI’m back with Day Three of Dip Week here at Manly Kitchen. So far, I’ve posted my Eleven Layer Mexican Dip, Smooth and Creamy Bean Dip, and Avocado Cream. I’m posting a new dip recipe every day this week, all the way through Saturday. Then on Sunday, I’ll post a baked, layered dip to finish off the week with a bang. You can add also these, and this one, and maybe some Manly Guacamole, then get ready for one of the best Munch Fests you and your football loving friends will enjoy.

This one really doesn’t qualify as a real recipe, because all you’re going to do is combine some green chiles or green salsa with sour cream. Done. No, really; that’s it. Let me show you.

Manly Kitchen Green Chili CreamIngredients:

Sour Cream
Chopped green chiles or
Chunky salsa verde


Put sour cream and chiles or salsa in a blender and blend on highest setting.

I suggest starting with about a 50/50 blend if you’re using salsa and about one 4 oz can of green chiles per 1/2 cup of sour cream if you’re going that way.

The first time you do this, it’s a good idea to have a lot of each ingredient on hand so you can adjust the recipe either way – adding more of one ingredient or the other – until you have it just right.

Serve this up with warm chips and perhaps some sliced jalapenos for extra heat.

We’re half-way through the week, y’all. Come back tomorrow for the next one, and don’t forget to…

Play with your food!


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